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The week the snow came back...

This week we have been on weather watch. Will the snow stick or not? We weren't hopeful but on Friday morning we woke up to a blanket of snow on the ground. It was an amazing sight for the children to see.

This week in Art we have been Artists creating our own watercolour masterpieces linked to other school topics. In Science we are looking at plants and how some are planted by people and others distribute their own own seeds. In ICT we looked at how computers identify, group and label items, similar to how our brains work for us. In our PSHE session we looked at products around the home. Where should they be? Are they safe? Why? This prompted lost of discussion, sometimes we disagreed so had to explore further to settle on an answer. This weeks RE was all about Easter traditions that Christians enjoy with their families. Children shared that they do some of these activities with their families; going to church, painting eggs and Easter lunch. We love talking about the UK and the different countries and capital cities. This week we looked at Northern Ireland and sorted true and false facts. For History we looked at how the Great Fire of London helped to change London. How we now how the fire service, houses are made of brick and they are now build further apart.

Another great week in school!

Year 1 Team

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