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Exciting times in Year 2!

In History last term, our focus was all about the Victorians. On our launch lesson we learned all about Queen Victoria and looked at different artifacts from the Victorian Era.

We also role played what it would be like to be in a chimney that George Brewster would have had to have cleaned. We discussed the dangers and risks children facedwhen in the chimney. It's safe to say we did not like how small the conditions where.

During our last lesson, we researched different areas of the Victorian Era and we found lots of facts all about Victorian food, fashion, music, inventions, railways, factories and toys.

During our I.T lesson we played photography bingo and took lots of different pictures using the iPads.

During the last half term we took part in lots of investigations to explore different materials.

We also had lots of fun during Art making art out of nature.

In Music last term, we loved learning the lyrics to the song 'Music is in my soul' and learnign how to play it on the Glockenspiel.

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