Natural Outdoor competition!

Here is our first example of a fantastic design for a natural outdoor logo... Before beginning his logo Jake thought of words which described the natural outdoor environment!

Competition Time!

It's competition time!! Liverpool John Moores University in association with Mersey Forest need our help along with a small selection of primary schools across Liverpool. All we need to do is... Design a logo for the Natural curriculum outdoors. When designing think about the beautiful outdoor environment which surrounds us everyday. All those natural things you see when you go for a walk in the park or even just when you look out of your window. Send your designs to... Mrs Tinsley at The closing date is Thursday 16th July 2020 The winning design will: * Receive a presentation certificate. * Receive Forest school taster sessions for their class. * See their winning

Minibeast Investigators!!

Reception have been investigating minibeasts. We had great fun hunting for minibeasts and finding out about their habitats. We discovered many interesting facts. We even made a minibeast garden!

Numbers From Different Angles

With the sun shining bright in the sky, we thought we would cool off inside with some shapes and numbers. We have experienced number matching with dice, using shapes in construction, number games on our smart board as well as painting number with brushes and our fingers. Having hand washing at frequent intervals and trying to explain to four year old about why its important to socially distance, we have had lots of fun this week!

Super Artists!

The children have been doing lots of Art this week. They have looked at various patters and what techniques are used to design those patterns. They created their own patters using various shapes and types of lines. Over 2 days, the children designed their own with pencil, followed by recreating their design using paint. We also learnt abut the famous Spanish architect, Antoni Gaudi. We explored some of his famous work such as 'Park Guell'. We discovered he used broken ceramic tiles to create his unique work. We used the skills learnt and applied them into decorating a chosen animal and replicating the techniques Gaudi used for his designs. We hope you enjoy our art work, we worked really har

Learning is fun!

We have been very busy in Nursery and Reception this week. We have all read the story of 'The Cautious Caterpillar' and have enjoyed completing lots of activities based on the story. We have also been busy with our phonics and number work.

Creating Patterns

Year One children have been learning about an artist named 'William Morris'. He was famous for designing patterns for textiles an wallpaper in the 1800's. The children felt inspired to explore a range of different patterns and how they're made. They designed their own patters and them carved their patters into Plasticine. Once ready, we painted over the patters on our Plasticine, printed it onto card to create our own wallpaper. We worked really hard, and hope you enjoy seeing our work.

Creative Kids!

In Year One this week, we decided we would like to get creative and make our own models. We discussed what materials we could use to support us with our ideas, and we decided we would like to use Plasticine. The children shared various ideas with the group and then went off and designed their own 'Plasticine monster'. They drew their monster and then labelled it to help them know which colours and how much Plastecine would be needed, and if they needed any other materials such as, googly eyes or pipe cleaners. The children really enjoyed bringing their designs to life, we hope you enjoy our slideshow with our creations and designs.

Fun at school!

This week we have had fun in Nursery and Reception. We haven't been able to see all our friends but we have enjoyed playing and making some new friends. We have also been very busy with our learning.

Year 2 get creative!

Today Year 2 have been thinking about emotions and feelings. We read a story called ' My Monster and Me' and talked about which special person we could talk to if we are worried or scared. We used oil pastels to draw our special person and shared why they are special. Have a look at our art work. I think you will agree how wonderful they are!

Blackmoor Heroes!

Hello all, we hope you are keeping well and safe in these unprecedented times. The children who have been in school this week, have had a fantastic attitude to learn matched with super behavior. They have worked so hard so far and i'm sure they'll continue to make everyone very proud. They've enjoyed seeing familiar teachers, along with dearly missed friends. Year 2 have been busy identifying and classifying flowering plants. They have learnt about the different parts of a flowering plant and what they do, and enjoyed using our outside space to draw and label different flowering plants. Year 1 have been busy being creative. They have been looking at artistic techniques, specifically looking

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