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Pupil Premium Statement

At Blackmoor Park Infant School and Kindergarten we are committed to ensuring provision is made for all pupils, teaching and learning opportunities meet the needs of all pupils and allows them to make progress and achieve.


Pupil Premium funding was introduced in April 2011, and paid by means of a specific grant based on the school's January census figures for pupils registered as eligible for FSM in Reception class to Year 2. 

The Government believes that the Pupil Premium is the best way to address the underlying inequalities between children eligible for FSM and those who aren't. The funding is additional main school funding to reach the disadvantaged pupils who need it most.

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This document will reviewed in April 2020 and Jun/Jul 2020. A new strategy will be devised ready for September 2020 inline with the new allocation of funding.

PDF downloadable versions of Pupil Premium Statements for this academic year and last academic year:

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