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Extended Services at Blackmoor Infants

Giving you options to extend your child's day...

At Blackmoor Park Infant School we offer high quality childcare from 7:45am to 6pm, five days a week,

52 weeks a year. We recognise that high quality childcare enhances children's learning opportunities and their social skills.         

We know that quality and consistency for our children is important. To ensure this we provide our own childcare services. School staff deliver services on site as we know this reduces the number of transitions for children within their school day. School staff provide a continuity throughout the day and offer a variety of high quality opportunities to the children.

From September 2018:

Breakfast Club will operate from 7:45am till 8:50am

After School Club will operate from 3:00 - 3:15pm till 6:00pm

Holiday Club will be open in all holidays to all children from both Blackmoor Park Infants and Blackmoor Park Junior Schools, we are also happy to welcome children from other schools to our holiday provision.

Extended Services Fees

Breakfast Club:

£4.00 per regular session (£4.50 irregular sessions)

After School Club: 

£8.50 per regular session (£10.00 irregular sessions)

Holiday Club: 

£22.00 full day 7:45am till 6pm

£16.00 half day 7:45 till 1pm - 1pm till 6pm

(Thursday's are trip days and there is an additional £18 cost to cover transport and admission to attractions).

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Places should be booked in advance wherever possible.

Please use the booking form above or request a copy from the school office.

If you have any questions about Extended Services then please speak with the school office

or Mr Ross, our School Business Manager.

Contact details:

Tel at all times: 0151 228  8576   (press option 5)

Mobile: 07704 878015   (text message or call in holidays)


What's happening in Extended Services at Blackmoor...

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