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Kindergarten age 3+ Class

Welcome to Kindi 3+ class page. Below you will find information relating to Kindi life.


Kindi Staff

Kindi Lead: Mrs Tinlsey

Kindi practitioners: Mrs Graley, Mrs Linford, Mrs Burke

Kindi Apprentices: Miss Amelia, Miss Jessica

As a Kindi team, we work together to create a safe, happy and stimulating learning environment.  We are passionate and committed to the children’s learning and development supporting them to exceed their expectations. We aim to develop a positive beginning to a lifelong learning journey.

We offer both 15 hour and 30 hour places.


With our 15 hour places we offer a choice of am or pm sessions:


AM: 8:45-11:45


PM: 11:45-2:45


With our 30 hour places session is:

8:45 – 2:45


For more information regarding nursery places please contact the school office.

In Kindi we quickly get our children into a daily routine to build security and a feeling of stability.  We begin each day with lovely smiles and busy activities, which the children become excited to do each morning.  Shortly after all the children have arrived we split into our key groups for a ‘hello time’, this is an opportunity for the children to say good morning to their friends and sing some routine songs with each other.

This routine is a lovely way to start our day and all the children enjoy building confidence, friendships and independence.


Throughout our daily routine we follow the EYFS framework focusing on the 7 main areas of learning:

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