Fire Engine Fun!

Sycamore class really enjoyed visiting the fire engine last week. They were excited to climb up into the truck, try on the safety helment and, best of all, having a chance to spay the hose!! We enjoyed learning lots of interesting facts about fire engines and the important jobs that fire fighters do. Trying on the safety helmets: Using the hose:

Reading Outdoors

As we have been focusing on Goldilocks and the three bears as one of our favourite texts, the children have found it incredibly interesting to read it for themselves. Not only do we have several different copies with various different pictures, we also have a range of different places that we read. Today we have chosen to take our big book outside and help our friends enjoy the book together. After a long and enjoyable experience of the book, some of our children like to relax and find a comfy spot to recline and take it easy.

Fire Fire!!

We had a great time meeting the firefighters who came to our school. They let us wear a helmet and sit in their fire engine. They told us about the equipment they carry and then they let us have a go with the hose. We had lots of fun learning about fire fighters and what they do.

Build it and they will come

The children followed me outsde this afternoon in the hopes that we would build something together. We sat down on the logs and discussed what our options were. Suggestions included; towers, houses, trucks, cars, bridges amongst other 'massive' things. Instead of picking one particular creation we attempted to combine all of our ideas intop one mega-structure. Working as a team with the help from a lot of our friends we first built the bridge to cross the water, over to our houses. After our houses we need to climb all the way to the top of the tower, back down and into our cars so we could speed off. The imagination shown from our creative troop was amazing to see in action. The fact that o

Busy during busy time

As soon as all of the children flood into our nursery we get straight on with our learning. We break off into small groups and experience all sorts of different activities. Whether we work as a team building train tracks for our trains, exercise our fine motor skills with tweezer and colouring activities or even build up our gross motor skills by showing off our incredible dance moves, there are never any dull moments here. Our daily routine is starting to form and the children are loving it. Our awareness and understanding of where we are and who we need to be with grows everyday and it is a joy to see!

Water & Sand

We have been taking full advantage of the glorious weather already this week with our water and sand trays. This is experience is a wonderful sensory exploration into the world of volumes, mixing, moving, building and using tools to alter the state of materials in front of us. It is lovely to see the children helping each other and working as a team to fill our various containers up as well as using the wet sand to construct all sorts of wonderful creations that we can all be proud of. Long live the summer sun!!!

Our First Weeks in Nursery

During our first couple of weeks in Nursery we have been learning all about the space around us. We have found our favourite things to use and learn with, we have found our feet for running and we have certainly found our voices amongst our new friends. Using Goldilocks as a familiar text, the children have been exploring the endless possibilities that the book presents. We have been dancing, singing, reading, building and generally enjoying each and every aspect within the wrods and pictures on the page. All of the staff are incredibly impressed with how fast this new cohort have settled and how good they are at tidying! We will keep up the pace and carry on with the numerous positives that

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