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The children are excited...

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Talks of the nativity are upon us in Year 1 - we can feel the excitement. We are busy singing the songs and listening to our friends say their parts.

This week in Art we have been looking at sketch pencils. We know that H stands for hard and B stands for black. We noticed that our writing pencils have HB on them, these types of pencils sit in the middle of the H and B pencils. We've been Scientists, looking at transparent and opaque materials suitable or not suitable for windows and door. We are getting better each week at logging ourselves on the iPads. This week we looked at artwork and recreated it in 2 paint using the tools - they look amazing. In RE we talked about stories of the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) and how these stories teach lessons about caring for animals and the earth.

It's been a busy week - as always!

Year 1 Team

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