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London's burning, London's burning...

Whilst looking at The Great Fire of London in History we discussed good things that happened because of the fire. One big result is the Fire Service. So on Wednesday we had a lovely surprise when the fire fighters turned up to see us. They quizzed us on facts about the great fire. Then we got to try on a helmet, squirt the hose and ask lots of questions. We had to make sure we didn't get wet because it was also picture day, we had our best smiles ready! In Science we looked at fruit and vegetables and tried our best to match the seeds. In ICT we compared groups by looking at their properties, then moved them around to see if they could fit into other groups. In PSHE we sorted food, medicine and equipment into group; healthy/safe, unhealthy/ not safe, ok sometimes. We looked at other groups ideas. This encouraged lots of discussion and explanation as to why they chose that space for their picture. In Geography we revisited a map of the UK and labelled it; countries, capital cities and seas.

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