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Pine's PE Superstars

In our PE lessons this term we are looking at developing our social skills. Our learning goals for this term are:

ALL of us can work sensibly with others.

MANY of us can work sensibly with others, by sharing space and equipment.

SOME of us can praise others.

We are discussing and exploring together on how we can develop our knowledge and skills to meet our learning goals.

Our fundamental physical skill for the next 3 weeks is Jumping and landing, we are exploring on how we can jump and land safely, aswell as how we maintain our balance when we land. We will be working together to complete three coloured challenges which will help us develop our jumping and landing technique. The order of the challenges go in are; Yellow, Green, Red. We aim to complete 1 coloured challenge every lesson.

We hope you enjoy looking through our photo's of our PE lesson. Where you will see us devoping our fundamenmtal physical skill by; telling our friend a colour sequence of spots to jump to. We also praticed jumping forwards, backwards and side to side over a marker, whilst maintaing our balance throughout and performing these movements smoothly. We even added some competition to our PE lesson by playing against a partner and we had to jump 3 times and put our markers were we landed, and whoevers marker was the furthest won a point.

At the end of the lesson we played 'tap to congrat' where we give someone praise for the statement Mr Clarke says...(tap to congrat someone who kept going when they found it difficult).

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