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Welcome to Reception Workshop

The Reception Welcome workshop was a wonderful success!

We welcomed the majority of our families into school to explore a range of educational and fun play based activities with their children. It provided an opportunity for adults and children to learn through play in the same way that they would in school. There were lots of activities with an English, Maths or Science focus, providing exciting learning that is achievable in the home environment.

The activities included: a beanbag darts game, matching pairs with baby and adult animals, feely bag game, playdough numbers, washing line number ordering, floating and sinking, exploring smell, and many more.

Thank you to all the families that were able to make the session. The enthusiasmwith which you entered into the spirit of the afternoon ensured the event was a great success!If you are interested in more courses to support your child or to develop your own skills and qualifications visit the Liverpool Adult Learning Service website:

Alternatively please talk to your childs class teacher who will be happy to support you with additional learning through play activities for home.

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