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Story time with Mr Clarke

Mr Clarke has read the story 'Dogger' today. The story is written by a very famous children's author called Shirley Hughes. This is a story that you will all be very familiar with as this story is what your English work has been based on this week and next week. You can get your copy of the book and follow the story as Mr Cl;arke reads it or you can just sit back, relax and listen to the story.

Can you answer these following questions:

1, What is the name of the little boy who owns Dogger?

2, Where do you think the little boy lost Dogger? Why do you think he lost Dogger?

3, What did Bella give her brother at night time when he couldn't find Dogger?

4, How much money did he need to buy Dogger back from the stall?

5, How did Bella help get Dogger back?

6, Do you think he will lose Dogger again? Why do you think that?

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