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Life in Pine!

We have been very busy in Pine recently!

In English, we have enjoyed reading and writing all about, Fantastic Mr Fox.

In History, we have been comparing how schools have changed from the past and we interviewed a special visitor to support our research.

In Science, our focus has been what plants need to grow and understanding the life cycle of a plant. We created our own test to see what a sunflower seed needs to grow and thrive.

In Computing, we have explored digital music and used software to create our own rhythm and melody using an animal for inspiration.

In PE, we have been developing our sending and receiving skills with a partner.

In Art, we loved using physical resources to create and make our own 'Stick Project', some children chose to make a stick-man and some decided to make their own stick-mask.

We also loved celebrating the King's Coronation with our friends!

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