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This week we have been have been drawing birds from photographic sources. We decided what type of pencil to use for the task and off we went. The results were amazing - we are artists! In PE we have been perfecting our ball tricks. Science was all about mammals and birds - looking at their similarities and differences. In ICT we recapped the different keys on the keyboard and what they do. For PSHE we talked about good qualities we look for in a friend. Music was all about a getting dressed song in a jazz style. We were interested in the saxophone so we watched video of people playing - we were impressed with the sounds the saxophone can make. RE was all about being safe - where do you feel safe? In History the grown ups talked about toys they played with when they were little. Then we shared toys we play with now, some children shared that they play with their grown ups toys. Following on from last week we continued to look at aerial view maps but this time we made one (a messy map) of our classroom with friends.

Year 1 Team

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