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We are perfect Pine artists.

This half term Pine are exploring drawing and creating art by collecting objects that we can find. We were inspired by artists such as Andy Goldsworthy and Joseph Cornell. We are exploring and learning about the following concepts;

  • That artists explore the world, seeing things around them in new ways, and bring things back to their studios to help them make art.

  • That we can go into our own environments, even when they are very familiar to us, and learn to see with fresh eyes and curiosity.

  • That we can use the things we find to draw from, using close observational looking.

During our outdoor learning lesson we collected items that caught our eye and we used the environment to frame our art such as sticks and wooden pallets. We're sure you will agree our art is wonderful and so very creative.

During our next lesson we developed our skill of Continuous Line Drawings by drawing in our sketch pad and not letting our pencil leave the page. This was tricky but we love a challenge! We used objects such as shells, pine cones and keys to spark our interest and we looked closely, making new and interesting marks on the paper.

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