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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Beech class have really enjoyed taking part in a range of Christmas activities. They have made cards, candles and stockings. On Monday they completed a sponsored 'Santa Challenge'. The children received a letter from Santa asking them to complete 5 different activities and for each activity completed, the children then had to search the classroom for an envelope which contained one of the letters from Santa's name. They found all 5 letters and spelt out his name. They received a certificate, chocolate coin and candy cane. On the last day of term the children all wore their Santa hats again and took part in a 'Santa Run' on the playground. They had to run around cones that had been placed on the playground that spelt out 'Santa'. We also had a visit from 'Mr Potato Head' who gave out certificates and badges for the children who achieved above 97% in either Autumn one 0r Autumn two.

Thank you for your support with the sponsored Santa Challenge and for your continued support all term. Thank you also for the very generous gifts and cards. We hope you a have a wonderful Christmas.

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