Reception and KS1 Phonics Support

Below is a link to help you support your child's phonics and reading.

The children are all at different points in their reading and phonics journey.

To help you select the right options to support your child you could use their Read Write Inc. reading homework as a guide or ask them who their Read Write Inc teacher is. These are listed below and if you are still unsure you can email your child's class teacher to check.

  • Miss Taylor/Miss Richardson- Learning Speed Sounds Set 1

  • Mrs Price/Mrs Davies- Learning to blend with speed set 1 sounds, sound blending eBooks

  • Mrs Pedersen/Mrs Tinsley-Learning Speed Set 1, Ditty sheets

  • Mrs Webb/Miss Harper- Red Ditty eBooks, Green Words slide show

  • Mrs Brown- Set 2 Speed Sounds, Green Words slide show, Green eBooks

  • Miss Bobb- Set 2/3 Speed Sounds, Purple/ Pink eBooks