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Extra Curricular Activities

At Blackmoor Park Infant School and Kindergarten we recognise the importance of offering children opportunities to learn outside of the curriculum and classroom. We are always investigating new opportunities and experiences for our children.


If you have skills or abilities which you would like to share with our children then please get in touch with Stephen Ross, our School Business Manager to discuss the potential of working with our amazing children.

Extra Curricular Activities - Autumn 2021

All our club sessions are fun and relaxed. We create an environment were we can develop a wide range of key skills for the children together as a group. We like to see them grow in confidence as the sessions go by, as the children learn with a smile on their face, and come home happy after our clubs. Abilities do not matter, the only thing required is a smile!

If you have any further questions then please do not  hesitate to contact Mr Clarke, our Sports and Intervention Lead.

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