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Over the past few weeks in school we have all been learning how to stay safe when we are out and about and how to cross the road in the correct way.

Jude Lennon came and told us how Super Bob helps grown ups to park safely and Cross Right told us how bright clothes and...


Chestnut have been working hard writing questions, fact finding and creating fact files for all kinds of topics. We have particularly enjoyed finding out about fantastic women from the past, including Amelia Earhart and Marie Curie.

Ask us a question, give us a quiz and...


One of Chestnut's 'Favourite Five' books was a non-fiction fact book all about the life of Vincent van Gogh. We found his life fascinating and wanted to find out more. Some of us went home and found out more about him.

We wrote questions about what we would like to kno...


We have been busy in Chestnut! 

Over the past half term we have been busy investigating number bonds to 10 and 20, counting in multiples of 2, 5 and 10, partitioning numbers into tens and ones, adding two digit numbers and subtracting two digit numbers. 

Take a look...


This week we have continued our fascination with bears, and have been reading the book-

We're going on a bear hunt

Look how busy we have been as we explored the story…


The Reception Welcome workshop was a wonderful success!

We welcomed the majority of our families into school to explore a range of educational and fun play based activities with their children. It provided an opportunity for adults and children to learn through play in...


In Reception all children are given next steps linked to their writing development.

There are a wide variety of next steps depending on their stage of gross and fine motor development.

All children start their day by working on their individual next steps to become confi...


 We have really enjoyed exloring number two by taking part in lots of exciting activities.

Hope you find lots of things relating to number two at home and whilst out and about.


This week we have been exploring Autumn. We enjoyed doing lots of Autumn crafts and activities using real seasonal objects. 


This week we have begun our number sense approach to mathematics, and the children have really loved exploring the number 1.

We have:

  • counted in ones

  • found sets of one

  • looked at the 2D shapes; a circle and an oval with one curved side,

  • looked at t...

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