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What adventures shall we go on today?

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

This week we have been on lots of adventures in our classrooms. We have been privileged to join the children on their magical adventures as play companions. It has been great fun exploring our imaginary worlds and following the children's interests.

In Olive Class the children have been on a space adventure. They explored writing mystery notes in strange alien script which the other children had to find.

In Cherry Class the children have been to the moon and to a music festival! They used cardboard boxes to create their tents and a paradise castle on the moon. The children have been using fantastic vocabulary to describe their adventures.

In Maple Class the children have been creating a rocket ship to find buried treasure on the moon. They have also created a treasure map and used this to find the buried treasure in the classroom.

Everyday we invite our children to come on an adventure with us! Please ask your children what adventure they have been on....

We hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

The Reception Team!

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