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This week at Blackmoor Infants...

We have been designing our own sculptures and discussing what we want them to be made from. Currently clay is the most popular choice. For DT we talked about our favourite foods and created a pictogram to see the most and least popular fruits in our class. Computing was all about directions, so we walked our friends around the room giving them directions to follow. We've been learning about the human body and carried out an experiment using our bodies. We measured our leg length and then discussed if leg length means you can jump further. We thought longer legs meant you could jump further. After our experiment we realised that wasn't the case! History has been so interesting looking at past and present kitchens and bathrooms - we said we wouldn't like to have a bath in a tin bath in front of the range. We love belonging to many groups in and outside of school. So we made bracelets to show we belong to a special group - our class. We decorated them and wore them proudly on our wrists - did you get to see them? This has been an amazing week of learning and fun, cant wait for next week!

Year 1 Team

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