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Sports week in Oak

The children in Oak have had an exciting week of learning. We tried to teach a range of different activities through physical activity. The children used football top trump cards to answer mathematical questions with a partner. We also took the learning outside and they had to find different numbers written on plastic balls in response to different questions. They really enjoyed the activity and practised identifying odd and even numbers, making 10 and 20 and ordering numbers.

In Geography, we went outside again and the children demonstrated their knowledge of the countries and capital cities in The UK. They had to listen to a fact and then run to the correct country.

They took part in a range of activities on Sports Day and they all received their medal today for taking part.

Today they used the B-Bots to try and draw different shapes and pictures by programming the B-Bots correctly.

The children engaged with all the activities this week and had a great time.

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