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Science week - all about bees...

This week is Science week at Blackmoor Infants. We have been investigating Bees. Our first question was - What is a bees job? We discovered that bees have two very special jobs; to collect nectar to make honey and to pollinate plants. We got busy exploring bee activities; giving Bee Bots directions, sharing bee facts with friends, playing a bee game and drawing pictures of bees. Next we explored flowers, assembled and labelled them - ask us to name the different parts of a flower. Then we moved onto wings and how objects fly. We made paper aeroplanes and flew them to see which one would go furthest. Afterwards we talked about what made that plane go further and how we would adapt our plane next time. We finally got to watch bees in flight - in slow motion we looked closely so we could mimic the perfect bee wing. In pairs we created a bee using balloons, card and straws. We zoomed them across the grass attached to string. We wanted to know - what type of wings work best for bees? It was so much fun! The week ended with the children voting and repeating their favourite bee activity.

We all have a new found love for bees!

Year 1 team

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