Rowan have loved Art Week

In Rowan we have been inspired by the work of Nigerian artist Nike Davies Okundaye. Nike specialises in cloth weaving, adire pattern making, indigo dyeing, batik and leather work. We really enjoyed learning about her and her life. We used her techniques to inspire our own work. All our work this week was based around Nike and African Art, including pattern making in Maths and writing fact files in English. Have a look at our wonderful work.

Designing our own adire patterns to use in our art work. Each pattern has its own meaning such as peace, circle of life, liberty, strength and money.

Weaving using material, ribbon, wool and fabric pieces. This was tricky and we had to concentrate but we had so much fun.

Dyeing our fabric with vegetable and spice dye. Using dye to create our own tie-dye tee shirts. Don't forget to rinse your tee shirt in cold water before washing them!