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PE Superstars!

This term in PE we are developing our personal skills.

Our learning goals are:

  • I can follow simple instructions and practise safely.

  • I ask for help when appropriate.

  • I try several times if at first I don't succeed.

  • I have begun to challenge myself.

Our fundamental physical skill focus for the last 3 weeks of the previous half term was to maintain a one leg balance. We discussed what we can do with our bodies to help us to maintain our balance and keep it under control. We worked with a partner and swapped roles between being the coach and the athlete. You will be able to see us demonstrating our coaching skills by communicating with our 'athlete' on what they need to do to maintain their balance.

We applied our balancing skills by playing 'Mirror Image' with our partner. We have to observe and copy the shapes our partners made whilst balancing on one leg. We understood that by taking our time when changing shapes helped us maintain fluency and control over our bodies.

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