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A message centre crazy week in Kindi!

As an early years provision we have been lucky to have an Educational thinker and author passionate about childhood Greg Bottrill to work with us. He loved coming into Kindi and looking at how our children learn! He also ran a course for early years practitioners across Liverpool at the end of his visit to Blackmoor. Staff from other schools attended to our setting to hear all his inspirational thoughts.

After Greg visiting he gave us many ideas of how to inspire our Kindi children to mark make we took all of his ideas and changed our writing area straight away. We now have a message centre our children have been writing secret messages all week and have been excited to make marks on paper.

The children have been super excited about the use of our language for example changing the names of our areas to make it more inviting. Our creative area is now our creation station, the children have really enjoyed creating and making on a creation station adventure...

Mrs Linford and Mrs Graley have especially enjoyed their adventures into the creation station with the children 😊 They are both very creative and bring joy and excitement to our creation station. when the adults play with the children they become so much more engaged and excited about their play. Mrs Reid loves to build in the construction junction and the children love to work with her and make her models even better.

Mrs Tinsley loves to play in the message centre and has had many post it notes attached to her back this week. Mrs McCarthy loves to play in the play dough adding different smells and materials to the area to make it so much more fun and exciting. Joie loves to read stories and retell or use her imagination to tell a story using the puppets in the enchanted den. Jess loves to play with the Lego and the children have helped her to create amazing things.

Look at the lovely adventures we have been on...

We also worked with the children to change the names of our other areas of play...

Reading corner - Enchanted Den

Blocks - Construction Junction

Maths area - Magic Maths

We are looking forwards to going on adventures into all of these spaces and sharing all of the wonderful play with all our Kindi families.

Our sound for this week is a the children have been amazing and remembering last weeks m sound too.

We also had a colour monster adventure this week the story is all about emotions and connects emotions to colours the children loved thinking about how they feel and why!

Of course the children took their ideas into our creation station and got busy making their own colour monsters!

They also took their ideas to the construction junction!

Our children are amazing and in the words of Greg Bottrill "Children are magic. They live in a world that overspills with exploration, connections, dreams and imagination." Our children are definitely exceeding this quote during their Kindi experience 😊

We hope you all have an amazing weekend.

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