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PE Stars in Chestnut

This term in PE we've been looking at developing our cognitive skills, our learning goals are as follows:

ALL of us can name things we're good at.

MANY of us can explain why someone is working or performing well.

SOME of us can explain what we are doing well.

For the last 3 weeks the fundamental physical skill we've been focusing on is a static balance. We been learning together on what a static balance is, how we maintain our balance and how to hold these positions in a smooth and controlled manner.

We worked in pairs each taking turns to be the coach and the athlete, the coach would be looking at their athletes technique and give extra support to their peers. e.g keep back straight, head up, eyes looking forward. It was amazing to see children using social skills developed before Christmas! Our coloured challenges are in our slideshow, feel free to have a go at home together!

We applied our skills learnt this term using a variety of apparatus, focusing on our dynamic balancing and static balancing.

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