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Year 1 trip: Knowsley Safari Park

We had the best day at Knowsley Safari Park. We were the first children to see the giraffes this morning eating their breakfast. After that we went to visit the Bush Dogs - they were hiding, we think they were asleep. We then went on a tiger hunt and spied the tiger through the long grass. Next we went on safari around the park spotting all the animals. We loved the Zebra, Buffalo, Monkeys and Rhinos. After asking since 9.05am it was finally time to eat our lunch - we were starving!

A good play in the sand and play area then of we went to watch the birds of prey display. We loved it when the Vulture swooped over our heads - making us duck for cover. Then it was time for everyone's favourite the Sea Lions. They are fantastic.

We will all have a good night sleep tonight.

Year 1 Team

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