Reception - Topic Work

Hi everyone we hope you are all well and staying safe!

We are going to begin learning all about transport as part of our topic work this week.

There are lots of different modes of transport some you may of even had the chance to have travelled on.

Can you draw the different modes of transport you know?

Can you talk to your families about how the transport is all different? ( eg Has the transport got wheels? Can it travel on water, the road, on a track, or in the sky? Does it go fast?)

Can you ask your families about the difference between transport we use now to the transport that was around many years ago? You could google ‘Old Transport’ and see what you find.

Below is a road survey! You can choose which survey you would like to do and either out of your window or on a slightly busier road you could stand safely and see what different transport passes by. You can either print the survey off to complete or use a piece of paper to do your own survey!