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PE Superstars!

Last term in PE we focused on developing our personal skills.

Our learning goals were:

  • I try several times if at first, I don't succeed and ask for help when appropriate

  • I know where I am with my learning

  • I have begun to challenge myself

We start every lesson by spreading positivity, this is done by the children sharing kind words, hi-5's, fist pumps, hugs, smiles, thumbs up!

The first half of our unit we focused on developing our footwork movements and growing our knowledge of what ways we can move. We explored various ways of travel applying it with a classic game of 'Rock, Paper, Scissors'. We focused on the technique of the movement rather than the speed; we strive to be 'smooth and controlled' as we move. We also explored our creative sides by adapting aspects of the game.

The second half of our unit we focused on developing our balancing skills and deepening our understanding of what we can do to help maintain a balanced position. We work with a partner as a 'coach and athlete' where the 'coach' supports their athlete by communicating what they can do to improve their balancing.

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