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Learning while having fun in Oak Class

This week in Oak class we have been talking about mental health as it was 'Mental Health Awareness Week'. We have taken the time to think about what makes us happy and we did some cloud watching outside.

The children have also continued to use plasticine to further strengthen the muscles in their arms and hands.

In preparation for our visit to Knowsley Safari Park in June we have been learning about different animal groups and sorted a range of different animals into groups determined by each animal's attributes.

We were the first class to use the new B-Bots that arrived this week. They are programmable robots. The children worked in pairs to navigate their B-Bot on a map by putting in the correct instructions each time. Some children used the B-Bot app on the

I-pads and had to put in the correct codes to move their virtual B-Bot around different screens in order to get to the finish point of each level of the game. They really enjoyed using both the B-Bots and the I-pads although they did find it quite tricky and we will continue to regularly practise these skills now we have the B-Bots.

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