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Learning is fun in Reception!

Updated: Mar 6

Due to unforeseen technical issues we have been unable to post on our website but thankfully we are back up and able to share our news with you.

We have had a fantastic time learning about our Space topic and the children have enjoyed learning about the planets in our solar system. Ask your child what can they tell you about the planets and how many there are. Through our topic we have also been applying our precoding skills by using directional language to guide a rocket around the planets. We have always followed a set of instructions to build a rocket ready to launch in to space.

In our Mathematic lessons we have been exploring number 7 and number 8. The children have been working really hard with their subtraction and finding out about odd and even numbers. We have also been exploring 2D shapes, this week our shape is a 'octagon.' We also had a great time on 'Number Day' we did lots of different activities involving number games and we showed we are all great mathematicians!

We hope you all had a fantastic half term and have a great weekend.

Thank you,

The Reception

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