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Kindi 3+ are fantastic learners

This week has been another fun filled week of learning the children have been doing their best listening.

We started to talk about sticks! What are they? Where do they come from? Where can we find them? What can we do with them? The children had lots of amazing answers one of them being to find them by the trees. We decided to go out onto our big field and find some sticks by our trees.

After talking lots about sticks we read the story ‘Stick Man’ written by Julia Donaldson lots of the children were already familiar with the story and joined in with some of the repeating parts…

“I’m not a … why can’t they see? I’m stick man I’m stickman I’m stick man thats me!”

Can your child remember the story and share what happens with you at home?

As you can see by the pictures we have collected lots of sticks, can you collect more sticks at the weekend? Ask your child where’s the best place to go looking for sticks.

The children really enjoyed learning about Stickman so we continued their learning by using Stickman numbers to count and order to 5!

This week is also road safety week the children have been learning lots of important things about how to cross the road…

We also set up lots of road safety activities for the children to role play being safe, they really enjoyed helping Stickman to be safe on the road…

We are looking forwards to seeing what other things we can learn about using Stickman next week 😃

Pudsey Bear Friday…

the children loved coming into kindi dressed in their own clothes! We learnt about why we raise money for children in need and enjoyed the day.

Have a lovely and safe weekend ☺️

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