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Jubilee Day - 26/5/22 -Class Oak

This week we have been talking all about Queen Elizabeth II and focusing on the upcoming Jubilee! We have done lots and lots of activities this week learning all about Queen Elizabeth and the royal history we have in the UK!

We learned all about the Union Jack and found out about the reasons why each colour was represented on the flag. After we had learned this, we took big pieces of paper and in partners finger painted the Union Jack for ourselves!

Today on Jubilee Day we have had such a lovely time and have celebrated by dressing up in red, white and blue, or as princesses/princes and even some of us like royal family members!

We had a super fun time in class and then at dinnertime we all went outside and had a huge Jubilee party!

The day didn't stop there! We also had two Shetland ponies visit us in our classroom! This is because at the Queen's coronation she received Shetland ponies to celebrate. We hope you all have fun over the half term Oak! You have all worked so hard we are so so proud of each and every one of you!

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