Good Morning Year 1 - Welcome to Week 4!

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Good Morning Parents, Carers and Children.

We hope you are all well and staying safe and have managed to enjoy some family snow time over the weekend.

We start Home Learning pack week 4 today.

Maths learning videos will be found on the White Rose website – we are now looking at the videos from spring term week 2.

Traditional stories is always one of my favourite genres of story to teach and I hope you will enjoy continuing this familiar story, Jack and the Beanstalk, with your child. There are so many ways to enhance your child’s learning with this book! Please feel free to follow any interests your child may have related to the text, e.g.

· If your child is interested in the animals in the story you could find out about them and research facts and information.

· If your child is fascinated by the Giant – are there any other stories with Giants in? You could investigate who Finn McCool is… (Rowan Class – can you remember?? Tell your families!!)

· Be creative together – use boxes and cartons and tubes and glue – can you make the giants castle? A good resource to use for sticking things together is masking tape - it is easier to rip than cello tape and you can paint over it. It can be bought quite cheaply in pound shops by the tools. Adding PVA glue to poster paint also ensures it sticks to shiny surfaces.

· You may then want to investigate and find out all about castles. Can you compare your own house to a castle? Are there any similarities/differences? What sort of people used to live in a castle?