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Good morning from Reception!

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

We hope you all had a restful weekend and are ready again for your week of home learning.

Firstly, we would like to clear up any confusion over the home learning packs. Although the Maths for week 1 says on the worksheets week 4, this is the work for this week which is technically week 1 of our home learning as we were unable to ensure that all families had their packs any sooner. (apologies if the explanation is just as confusing :) but hope this helps) If you have already completed any work from the pack please do not worry.

Please use this Maths link for this week's Maths lessons.

If you have already completed the worksheet meant for today, you could practise the skill in another way.

Your phonics link will be emailed as usual.

The pack for weeks 3 and 4 should not be opened until the week beginning 25th January 2021. We wouldn't want anybody to run out of work :)

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