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Fabulous work in Oak!

The children have worked extremely hard this half term. They have practised counting, number recognition, ordering numbers, writing and representing numbers, addition and subtraction skills in Maths. They have also begun to learn about multiplication and division by grouping and sharing objects.

In English the children really enjoyed creating their own comic strip based on 'Supertato' and loved adding speech bubbles and action sounds to their work.

They have continued to make good progress in RWI and are now bringing home a black and white version of their RWI book each week.

We have focussed on the topic of 'Animals' in Science and we have been sorting animals into different animal groups. They have also sorted the animals according to what they eat and have learnt the new terms, 'carnivore', herbivore' and 'omnivore'.

The children have learnt to cooperate when working with a partner in PE and continue to improve their ball skills.

The children are now all ready for a rest and we hope you have a lovely week.

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