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Busy days in Kindi

We have had another busy week of learning in Kindi this week!

We started the week remembering what we learnt last week all about ourselves and spoke about who lives in our houses...

We really enjoyed talking about our families using small world toys we continued this play and learning by playing with our dolls house. We also really enjoyed using the blocks to build our houses last week so this week our challenge is to use the duplo to build our houses...

We have been very creative using Autumn as our inspiration...

We have also been exercising in the hall for our first PE lesson...

Whilst talking about ourselves we have noticed lots of our children have baby brothers or sisters and some our of children's mummies are due to have a baby or babies. The children are all very keen to learn about babies so we have started our learning by introducing babies to our role play area. We had circle time to talk together with those children who do have babies at home and passed a baby carefully around the circle making sure we gave them a little cuddle...

Do you have a baby at home?

Could you send a photo in of your baby?

Are you have a baby?

Could you send a copy of your scan photo in?

Do you have any baby photos of your children you could send in for us to look at?

Thank you!

Have a lovely weekend we look forwards to more fun learning next week!

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