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A busy week in Beech!

The children have settled really well back into school after the half term holiday.

They have worked very hard this week. They really enjoyed their first Gym lesson. They created different shapes and cooperated really well when working with a partner. In Maths they have been practising their addition skills using equipment to aid their understanding. The children have been developing their understanding of 'Algorithms' by following specific instructions to create models and patterns. They also increased their knowledge of how to use the B-Bots correctly by putting in the right instructions so that the B-Bot travelled from the starting point to the designated finish. They recognsed when they had made an error and were able to diagnose and then fix the problem with adult support.

The children also shared their knowledge about fireworks and how to keep themselves safe. They found out why we celebrate 'Bonfire Night' by listening to information about 'The Gunpowder Plot' and discussing what Guy Fawkes and his friends tried to do.

They have had a great first week back!

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