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Welcome back Kindi

Kindi returned today to a surprise in our room,

Our duck eggs hatched and here they are Donald, Daisy and Daffodil baby ducks.

Donald Daisy and Daffodil Blackmoor Kindergarten baby Ducks.

The children and Mrs Hitchmough were so excited to meet our baby ducks today, we have talked about how we should look after the baby ducks feeding them and exercise, They are a few days old now and getting bigger each day so tomorrow the ducks will leave us for a new adventure on the farm we’re they will live with lots of other ducks and a big pond which ducks love, splashing about. We have enjoyed this journey learning about different animals and their babies, it’s been amazing having eggs in our incubator and looking at baby ducks 🐣 hatching. A fantastic start to our first day back.

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