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Supertato Night of the living veg!

This week we have based all of our learning around our new story ... Supertato night of the living veg!

We have been talking all about different vegetables...

We got busy making our own super veg out of real vegetables and building super towers for our veg...

We also made super veg out of play dough...

We have focused on different parts of the story throughout the week. After making the super veg we looked at the evil peas and decided to make some green play dough to make our own evil peas...

We couldn't believe it when Mrs Graley told us that she was making some jelly in her house and something happened...

Peas got inside her jelly!!!

We decided we needed to get the peas out...

We cut some of the vegetables so we could do some veg printing...

In the story the vegetables are a little bit scared of things they think they can see... ghosts, scary robots and a witch. The children found this part of the story exciting because soon it is going to be Halloween. The children wanted to dress up and try to scare the vegetables but... SUPERTATO came to the rescue!

We began to explore pumpkins as we thought it could be a SUPER PUMPKIN!

The children have liked all the scary Halloween things and especially enjoyed making creepy spiders! We have been singing Incy Wincy Spider as our nursery rhyme this week...

The children are really excited to tell us all about their houses decorated for Halloween and what they will be dressing up as. Feel free to take pictures and bring them in after half term we love to look at all the fun things you are doing at home.

Thank you for bringing in baby photo's the children have loved looking at them with their friends. We have made a 'baby wall of fame' in our home corner using one of your photos it looks fabulous! If you haven't yet brought a photo don't worry you can still bring them after half term!

As you can see we have had a very exciting and busy week in Kindi and all of the children have really engaged in all the activities set and more! The whole team are super proud of how the children have settled over the first half term in Kindi and are excited for more learning and fun after a weeks break. We return to Kindi Tuesday 1st November!

Parents evening will be the week commencing 7th November appointment times will be available to book the week we are back.

We hope you have a lovely week off and look forwards to seeing you in a weeks time!

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