See you all next week...Willow

Today is our final day of home learning. We can't wait to get back to school next week for our final week together. Today we looked at partitioning numbers and identifying tens and ones. We played 2 games on Top Marks that are fun ways to help us learn place value and partitioning numbers.

We looked at another story and comprehension and the children were asked what the moral of a story is. Do you know? We also talked about some 'Big Dreams' project researching; Martin Luther King Jr or fruits and vegetables from around the world.

During the afternoon zoom session Mrs Ware read about Mary Anning who was one of the first paleontologists, born in 1799. Mary's work helped to prove that the world is actually millions and millions of years old and not thousands as once thought. We explored many challenging words and vocabulary such as paleontologist (a scientist who studies dinosaurs), Ichthyosaur and Plesiosaur (prehistoric sea monsters), Pterosaur (flying dinosaur) and Bezoar Stones (fossilized dinosaur poo).

Maybe you would like to find out about Mary also?