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PE Superstars!

This term in PE we are looking at developing our personal skills, Our learning goals are as follows:

  • I can follow instructions and practise safely.

  • I can work on simple tasks by myself.

  • I ask for help when appropriate.

  • I try several times if at first I don't succeed.

Our fundamental physical skill focus for the first half of our personal skills unit is to develop our footwork. We have explored various ways to travel and how to perform these movements with fluidity and control. These movements include, skipping, hopping, galloping, side-stepping, and hop-scotching. We have challenged ourselves by attempting different variations on each movement.

Our theme for the first half of the unit has been going for a 'bike ride'. The children have demonstrated some fabulous bike moves! We have applied our footwork movements in a range of games keeping in the theme of 'going on a bike ride'.

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