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Our Trip to the Safari Park

Last Tuesday Rowan Class went to Knowsley Safari Park! We had such an amazing day plus the weather was great as well. First we went on a Safari Drive around the Park which was exciting and Ben the Park Ranger told us some interesting facts about the different animals we saw on the drive. We saw rhinos, camels, baboons, lions and a tiger.

Next we got to play with our friends at the play park which was fun some of us played in the sand pit while others went on the climbing frame. We then got to see a sea lion show where Arthur and Louis showed us all the different tricks they could do. Our favourite was when both sea lions could jump up and touch the ball with their nose.

During our Safari walk we saw meerkats, giraffes, birds and tigers. In the Tiger Classroom we learnt about classification and the different animal groups we got to see the size of an ostrich egg which was amazing and looked at a bat and snakes skeleton as well as learning how to identify the difference between a male and female ostrich. We created our own animal fact file in class and were able to give it to Ben to help other tourists learn new facts about the animals at Knowsley Safari Park!

It was a great day and an experience that we will always remember!

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