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Happy to be me!

This week in Kindi we have introduced the story 'Happy to be me'

We have been talking all about ourselves, who we live with, what we like and maybe don't like, what we look like. We have been looking in the mirror at our faces paying attention to our different features, we have really enjoyed choosing the correct colours to draw our faces.

We have been thinking about our houses and looked at some different types of houses that people may live in. We decided to build some of these houses using the indoor blocks and the big outdoor blocks. We also used little sticks to make some different houses we noticed lots of different shapes whilst we where busy.

Whilst talking about ourselves we are beginning to talk about our five senses we have been learning a new song...

Thank you for again being so supportive as we settle the children into Kindi we are all super proud of our children for settling so happily and quickly 😃

We hope you can attend our social event on Thursday 29th September 3:30 - 4:30 it will be nice to catch up with staff and parents and give you an opportunity to meet some of your child's new friends.

Have a lovely weekend and we look forwards to seeing you all on Monday.

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