Half term is here already...

This week we looked at graffiti artist Keith Haring and his creative work. we took inspiration from this to create Valentines cards. In DT we created a plan for our fruit salads. We had a good think: what fruit will be in our fruit salads and what equipment will we use? During computing we played a game were we picked up cards to give our Bee Bots instructions. Some of our Bee Bots had a mind of their own! This weeks Science lesson had us impressed. We talked about George De Mestral who invented Velcro. We couldn't stop touching our shoes afterwards! We looked at many inventions and how they took their ideas from nature - interesting stuff. We talked about our successes and how we achieved them. Are you still successful if you are on the team that doesn't win? Are you still successful if you don't win a medal? We decided yes, because you have worked really hard. Number day was really good fun!

Happy Half Term - don't forget World Book Day Wednesday 2nd March!

Year 1 Team