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Pine's PE Superstars!

This term we are looking at developing our cognitive skills. Our learning goals are as follows;

ALL of us can name some things we are good at.

SOME of us can explain why someone is working or performing well.

MANY of us can explain what I am doing well and identify areas for improvement.

We are working together to meet our learning goals.

In our warm ups we have been athletes on our very own track! We have been taking turns in pairs doing a lap each on our track, trying to be faster each time. When its our turn to rest, we're not just resting, we are coaches trying to motivate and encourage our teammates to be faster. We have challenged ourselves by putting together movement sequences on our track, i.e skip,gallop,side-step,jump.

For the last 3 weeks we have been working on our dynamic balancing skills. We have been discussing on what a dynamic balance is, how we maintain the balanced position and how we perform the skill in a smooth and controlled manner. Our coloured challanges are in our slideshow, feel free to have a go at home!

We reflected on our PE lessons with a question carousel, where we choose a coloured question and we discuss our thoughts and feelings. i.e What did you enjoy? What can you do differently next time? How did you feel when you recieved praise for doing something well?

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