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Year 2 Super Star Home Learning - Week 6

Good morning Year 2. Welcome to Week 6 and we have lots of exciting tasks and activities to complete this week.

Did you enjoy reading 'The Smartest and the Wizard' last week? This week we are reading 'The Smartest Giant in Town' also by Julia Donaldson. The story can be found in your pack and also on YouTube. There is a task relating to the story to complete daily. Some of the tasks this week include; writing descriptions of how George is feeling with the added challenge of including conjunctions 'because', 'and' or 'but' in your sentences, spotting 'contractions' in the text, ordering the events from the story and writing a letter of thanks.

Don't forget to complete your daily phonics lessons sent to you each week by your class teacher. It is important that these are completed to support your child's independent reading, writing and spelling. Daily reading will also support your child's decoding and comprehension skill. Asking questions about the text will develop your child's understanding of the text. You can find eBooks on the 'Serial Mash' section of Purple Mash and on Oxford Owl - it's free to subscribe.

Well done to everyone for completing your White Rose Maths last week and thank you for sending your completed work to your class email. This week we continue to focus on grouping, dividing into equal groups and odd/even numbers. We are dividing by 2, 5 and 10. Don't forget to also complete the true/false challenge after every lesson and make sure you write or draw why you think it is true or false.

This Tuesday 9th February is Safer Internet Day. This is an ideal time to share and explore the age appropriate resources we have and to start talking about how to keep our children safe. You can find out about Safer Internet Day by following this link and your class teacher will also send you some videos and stories to share with your child by email.

Finally don't forget the 'Learning Log' in your pack exploring the key history, geography, PSHE/RE and Science learning for this week. keep logging in to your Purple Mash account and completing the tasks set in the '2Do' section.

As ever, if you have any questions or problems please email your class email. Keep working hard this week and send us your work/photos of what you are doing at home.

Have a wonderful week you super star learners.

Year 2 Team

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