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Year 1 love learning...

This week we are back to being busy worker bees. We have been sculptors in Art. Using the indoors and outdoors as a workshop and gallery to display our work. After looking at the amazing art work of Lisa Traxler. We explored our cutting and creative skills to complete amazing sculptures. Walking around we noted similarities and differences in our friends sculptures. In Computing we followed routes using the Bee Bots. We know how to create and debug simple programmes. In RE we discussed belonging to others through marriage. We talked about making promises and giving rings to show that you will care for each other. We thought love, friendship, rings and promises were the important parts of marriage. In PSHE we talked about being healthy and unhealthy. The teachers read out statements and the children chose a side and spoke about the reasons for their choices. For Geography we read a book called Homes of the World. It showed lots of interesting homes that matched the climate of the country. We spoke about suitable and unsuitable homes, such as an igloo in a hot country.

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