What a wonderful bunch we are...

Day 2 of home learning and Willow are working extremely hard. During the morning's zoom session we looked at how to find the missing number in an addition calculation by counting back from the whole number. We then looked at different sentence types and how we know the difference between a statement, command, question and an exclamation. Internet safety is always important and particularly when we are all working on line and also playing with our friends on line. We looked at an example of a safety poster and discussed how else to keep safe.

In the afternoon we looked at the work Willow had completed during that day. We had a lovely story called 'The Koala who could' read by Miss Larsen. We even had a visit from a little sister and lots of cute, fluffy pets.

Thank you for another amazing day Willow and we shall see you in the morning.

Mrs Ware and Miss Larsen